Call for Papers

Final Conference of the Strategic Research Initiative Social Innovation in Practice (city regeneration through co-evolution and networking). The Strategic Research Initiative Social Innovation in Practice: city regeneration through co-evolution and networking (SIPCITY) coordinated by Camilla Perrone (University of Florence) is entering its final year of activities. 

The conference is therefore designed on the purpose to open the debate to a wider community of scholars to engender more collaborations in the future. We are currently seeking proposals for individual papers for our final conference in Florence, December 14-15, 2017.

    Conference results will be published in the following editorial products:

An international book with a selection of presentations and papers

special issue of an international peer reviewed journal with a selection of papers

conference proceedings book

Other interesting events in Florence

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13 december 2017

“Borrowing Size in Network of Cities” with Evert Meijers

IRPET internal seminar

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The conference is co-organised by University of Florence (Camilla Perrone, Mauro Lombardi and Marika Macchi), Groningen University (Rauws Ward), Polytechnic of Milan (Stefano Moroni, Stefano Cozzolino and Valeria Fedeli) Gran Sasso Science Institute (Alessandra Faggian and Francesco Chiodelli), SIU (Società Italiana degli urbanisti – Italian Society of Urbanists), IRPET, Urban@itFoundation for Research and Innovation 
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